Circus Workshops in Coventry

UNFORGETTABLE Circus days in Coventry & the UK with or without our Beautiful 'baby' Big Tops. Circus Days are an Inspiring, Motivating and Fun experience for the whole school. A unique experience to engage students and enrich their learning, as well as meeting many curriculum objectives. A great alternative to School Trips, or as part of your Arts or Activity week. See below for recent Schools we have visited in Coventry and all over the UK
Video of a Circus Skills Day in a School with our Circus tent at a school in salford

Big Top Days Coventry

Days with our Beautiful Big Tops are an experience the children will never forget. Everyone sees a Comedy Circus show in the tent, everyone has a go at a Circus Skills workshop. From as little as £3 per child!
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Circus Skills Workshops Coventry

Alternatively, Circus Skills Workshops WITHOUT our Circus tent include a show/demonstration of Circus skills, plus Circus Skills workshops for each class. For Nursery upwards and for up to 320 children per day. £295+travel+VAT.

Circus Skills Class in the School Hall at a Circus Day at a school in Lancashire
A Circus Workshop in a school in Coventry with Circus Sensible
"Just wanted you to know what an amazing day both children and adults had on Wednesday.
The children came back to class animated and there was a definite buzz about circuses, from both boys and girls.  The peacock feathers are definitely a hit.  The adults enjoyed the difference of the activity and the obvious exhilaration the children experienced."
Rosalind Brock, St. Catherine’s School, Swindon.
Awarded by the FreeIndex Entertainers directory
  • “ They did more than just teach they entertained, inspired and went ‘above and beyond “

  • “ It was interesting to watch the 'cool' Year 6's drop their guards and throw themselves into the activities with such gusto! “

  • “ One of our younger children came up to me at lunchtime and shouted at me “this is the BEST DAY EVER!!! “

    • “ The performances and workshops fully supported our creative curriculum making learning fun and exciting “

    • “ Easy to book and totally reliable, I can't praise them enough! “

Recent Venues

Twycross House School, Coventry - Circus Skills Workshops.
Christ the King Catholic Primary School, Coventry - Circus Workshops
Ernesford Grange Community School, Coventry - Circus Skills Workshops
St Mary and St Benedict Primary, Hillfields, Coventry - Circus Skills
Bishop Ullathorne School, Coventry - Circus Skills Workshops
Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Primary School, Coventry - Big Top Day
President Kennedy School, Holbbrooks - Circus Workshops
St. Lawrence CE Primary School, Napton-on-the-Hill - Big Top Day
St John Wall Catholic School, West Midlands - Circus Skills
Harvills Hawthorn Primary School, West Bromwich - Circus Skills
The Oval School, Yardley - Big Top Days
Aldersley High School, West Midlands - Big Top Days
Park Hall Academy, Birmingham - Big Top Days
Blue Coat Church of England Academy, West Midlands - Circus Skills Workshops
Saint John Wall Catholic School, Birmingham, West Midlands - Circus Skills
Bosworth Water Trust, Market Bosworth, Warwickshire - Circus Skills
Bosworth Water Trust, Warwickshire - Circus Entertainments
Hartshill School of Science & The Arts, Hartshill - Circus Skills Workshops
  • Circus skills reinforce positive learning
  • Circus skills encourage creative thinking
  • Circus skills promote cross curricular education
  • Circus skills instill enthusiasm in the learning process
  • Circus skills boost Self Confidence
  • Circus skills aid Social & Personal Development
  • Circus skills enhance kinaesthetic skills
  • Circus skills provide a fun gateway into physical education
  • Learning Circus skills develops language skills
  • Circus skills increase Self-esteem and self-awareness
  • Circus skills make everyone smile, Teachers included!
A Circus workshop in a school with our Circus tent
Recent Scientific research has shown the value of Circus Skills and other physical skills in an educational environment. It has been recognised that the core skills which are utilised and developed when we learn and practice a challenging and creative activity such as Circus skills, can then be carried over into the more academic areas of education.

"Complex tasks such as juggling produce significant changes to the structure of the brain, according to scientists at Oxford University.
In the journal, Nature Neuroscience, the scientists say they saw a 5% increase in white matter - the cabling network of the brain."
BBC News

Activities such as Circus skills have been used with great success as an educational tool, as an aid to learning as well as therapeutically with children at risk and with children with special needs. Autistic children have been observed to respond particularly well to Circus skills in schools.

Circus skills are an opportunity for children and adults to discover and develop skills such as Concentration, Information retention, Concept visualisation, hand eye co-ordination and self awareness. These skills can then be used in many other settings including social situations and in conventional educational settings whilst learning the core subjects.

"A day without laughter is a day wasted." Charlie Chaplin

Circus Sensible have worked in Schools in Coventry and all over the UK, as well as community groups, charities and festivals for over 25 years, during which time we have been lucky enough to develop close working relationships with some of the very best tutors and performers in the industry. As a result we have a highly experienced team, who bring a wealth of cultural, performance and social experience to every aspect of engaging with young people, and teaching them core skills in a safe and encouraging, and above all, fun environment. We can teach not just Circus skills, but we also run Percussion workshops, Dance workshops, Arts and Caricature workshops and lots more Schools workshops in a variety of skills.
All our workshops and Activity Days are available in Coventry and all over the UK.
Plate Spinning in a Circus Skills workshop at a School in Guildford

Circus Sensible running a day of Circus workshops in a school in Bangkok

Circus Sensible in Thailand

Above are just a few examples of venues and events in Coventry and the rest of the UK from the last year. We have run Circus skills workshops in well over two thousand Schools over the years, in Coventry and the UK, Ireland and abroad, and days with our Big Tops at almost as many. Our Circus tents are also available for hire, and we can provide many other types of workshops for schools including Drum workshops, Dance workshops and Art workshops.
If you need more information about our Circus workshops for schools in Coventry or any other aspect of our schools workshops,
please contact us.
Juggler in one of our Circus workshops for schools
Circus Skills workshops in Schools are suitable for Nursery, Primary, Secondary Schools and Colleges and can be integrated into many areas of the School curriculum. All our staff are very experienced, have a wide range of Circus and performance skills and have CRB certificates. We have full Public Liability Insurance and can supply Risk Assessments on request. Circus Sensible also run many other workshops in Coventry schools, such as Percussion workshops, African Dance workshops, Caricature workshops and Magic workshops. For details of all our Schools workshops in Coventry and the UK please explore our website or send us a message.

Circus skills workshops in schools offer a huge range of benefits to children and adults of all ages and abilities. Often a Circus workshop in school is the only chance a child will have to have a go at these skills.
Perhaps the greatest benefit of having a go at Circus skills is that almost anyone can achieve so much in such a short time, giving the participant a great sense of achievement and immediate positive feedback from those around them. This leads to a more positive self image and an increase in self confidence in many children. Many of our circus skills workshops also include time for the participants to demonstrate the circus skills they have been learning.
Circus skills also help develop and improve concentration skills. This is particularly evident in those children with shorter attention spans. When we run Circus skills workshops in schools the teachers are often amazed that one or more children who usually have a problem concentrating are doing better than anyone else in the class!
Learning Circus skills also offers great benefits in terms of physical co-ordination and physical fitness. Circus workshops fit very well into the school curriculum under PE and co-ordination development. In fact there are many areas where Circus workshops offer great opportunities for curriculum enrichment.
These are just some of the benefits to be gained from Circus skills workshops. We encourage all these and more whilst always remembering..... CIRCUS SKILLS ARE FUN!

Circus Sensible have been teaching and performing circus skills workshops in schools and at all sorts of venues in Coventry, the UK and Ireland for over 25 years. We have a huge amount of experience in working with many different groups of all ages and abilities.

The Circus Sensible van at another Day of Circus workshops in Schools
Link to some videoa of Circus skills workshops in schools
All our Circus workshops for schools are covered by CRB certificates
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As a part of our reward structure, we invited your circus in. The organisation was excellent and over 600 students were completely gripped by your antics! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to other high schools. Brilliant! - Sian Hughes, Haywood Academy, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire (A day with our 'baby' Big Top)

I just want to say a very big thankyou for the excellent day of circus skills that you provided for our year 3/4 children today. The organisation and timimg of the day was smooth and appropriate. The activities that you provided were enjoyed fully by all of the children (and teachers!). As one of their teachers, I recognised that you brought out confidence and motivation in all of the children and at all times you were in control of their behaviour and their learning. Your rapport with the children was lovely to watch.
The children thoroughly enjoyed all of the activities including juggling, plate spinning and feather balancing. It was also great that they had the opportunity to have a go at other activities too.
I would highly recommend you and I have passed your details to one of our senior leaders for future events. - Cath Lawton
St Gregory's Catholic Academy, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire

Hello, Clive, The children had a fabulous time on Thursday a big thank you to James and your company. We are putting the word around to other teachers how great you are.
- Janine Dreary, Southgalde School, Nottingham

Circus Sensible provide Circus skills workshops and Circus days in schools with our beautiful Circus Tents. Our Big Top days include shows in the tent for the whole school and circus workshops for the children, class by class in a wide range of Circus skills. Suitable for Nursery upwards. Up to 450 children can have a go at the circus skills over the course of a day. Shows last about an hour and are equally entertaining for the teachers, which is important! Circus skills workshops cost £275+travel+VAT, days with our Big Tops start at £1275+VAT. We can also come for longer, anything up to week long residencies ending with a performance by the children.
Call us for more information about Circus skills workshops, Circus tent hire, or any other aspect of Circus in schools.

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All Circus Sensible Staff are CRB checked

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