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Circus Skills Workshops in Schools

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Circus in Schools

Circus Workshops in Schools

We are now taking bookings for Circus Skills Workshop days for Schools for the autumn term, Christmas and beyond. Circus Skills Workshop Days generally start with a 30 minute Show/Demonstration for the whole school followed by workshops class by class through the day. If there's time at the end we can all get together again so that some of the students can perform a new skill. Circus Skills covered in the workshops can include Juggling with balls and scarves, Chinese Diabolo, Devilstick, Poi, beginners Stilts, Plate spinning and lots more. From £330+VAT.

Circus in Schools

Circus Skills workshops in Schools are suitable for Nursery, Primary, Secondary Schools and Colleges and can be integrated into many areas of the School curriculum. All our staff are very experienced, have a wide range of Circus and performance skills and have CRB certificates. We have full Public Liability Insurance and can supply Risk Assessments on request. From £330+VAT.
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High field School, Sandwell, Birmingham
" I just wanted to say what a wonderful day we had on Friday. Steve was fantastic! It was a day full of fun but where the children were learning important skills too. It was lovely to see children who find it difficult to concentrate fully absorbed by what Steve was teaching them, concentrating to learn and perform the circus skills. It was also fantastic to see the children supporting each other in learning these skills. They thoroughly enjoyed circus school. The staff  enjoyed it too! I would fully recommend the day to anyone. Thank you  once again."
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The Oval School, Birmingham
" Just wanted to let you know what a fabulous day we had here at The Oval School on Wednesday. Everyone really enjoyed the shows and the workshops and we would like to say a huge thank you to Harry, Steve and Jonathon for all their hard work on the day they were great!! "
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Whirley Primary School, Macclesfield, Cheshire
“ I really don't know where to start. We have had the most amazing day with James today for your circus day. James was absolutely fantastic from start to finish, he was just faultless. The children were engaged from the minute they sat down, right up until the end of the day when we came back together for our show. The way James engaged with the children was perfect, as well as his explanations of how to use the equipment being clear and concise. I have had 12 emails from parents this evening telling me how their children have come home today saying how much fun they had and how good the day was. We even had a comment of 'Today has been the best day ever, I just haven't stopped smiling!’ I really don't know what else to say other than I couldn't rate the company and James any more highly. I will definitely be booking you again in future and I will be sure to pass your information on to as many schools as I can! Thank you SO much for making 60 children, very happy today! “
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Olive Hill Primary, Halesowen, Birmingham
" We had a workshop yesterday at school and I just wanted to write to thank you all very much!
The children had a fantastic day and loved all of the activities. The whole day was well pitched and well organised and a huge thank you to Mike who taught us all lots of new things! After the last year and a half where children have been restricted in where they can go and what they can do, this provided a real 'wow' day for them and I hope they remember it for a very long time to come! They are now attempting to juggle lots of other things on the playground so it looks like we might need to buy some more equipment for them to practise their skills. Once again, thank you for providing some joy to us all "
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Merridale School, Wolverhampton
"A fantastic 3 hours was enjoyed by both pupils and staff alike. James was very personable and managed to keep all of the pupils focussed throughout the whole session. The pupils will be talking about the event for some time yet”
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Knutsford, Cheshire
"I don't think I ever got around to thanking you for providing Jay to entertain us and our guests at our wedding last September. His mix of abilities was perfect for our day, and every one enjoyed his tricks and circus skills. I even managed to sneak away from the crowds for half an hour towards the end of his time and finally learnt some of the basics of contact juggling.And as a warning to other potential brides; my husband made himself a balloon hat and proceeded to wear it for the rest of the day, speeches and all. Be prepared for this eventuality! “
What does a Circus Skills workshop in school include? Our workshops are tailored to the event and age group and can include:

A Demonstration of the skills to get the day started with a bang! That's followed by the hands on sessions which can include:

- Juggling with balls, scarves and clubs
- Chinese diabolo (spinny thing on a string!)
- Devilstick or flower stick.
- Poi and Chinese ribbon
- Beginners stilts and bucket stilts
- Lolo balls
- Hula hoop
- Plate spinning
- Feather balancing
- Cigar boxes, fun wheels
- unicycle, tightrope and static trapeze (on request)

To end the day we can all get together in the school hall again so that some of the children can show off their new skills.

Learn how to spin a plate by clicking here!

The Science of Circus

"Complex tasks such as juggling produce significant changes to the structure of the brain, according to scientists at Oxford University.
In the journal, Nature Neuroscience, the scientists say they saw a 5% increase in white matter - the cabling network of the brain." In brief, learning a new skill such as Juggling can hard wire our brains to work better and faster! Circus skills help develop and improve concentration skills. This is particularly evident in those children with shorter attention spans. When we run Circus skills workshops in schools the teachers are often amazed that one or more children who usually have a problem concentrating are doing better than anyone else in the class! Learning Circus skills also offers great benefits in terms of physical co-ordination and physical fitness. Circus workshops fit very well into the school curriculum under PE and co-ordination development. In fact there are many areas where Circus workshops offer great opportunities for curriculum enrichment.

Benefits of Circus Skills

Circus Skills encourage creative thinking
Circus Skills reinforce positive learning
Circus Skills enhance kinaesthetic skills
Circus Skills instil enthusiasm in the learning process
Circus Skills boost self confidence
Circus Skills aid social & personal development
Circus skills promote cross curricular education
Circus Skills aid the formation of grey matter in the brain
Circus Skills are a fun gateway into physical education
Learning Circus Skills develops language skills
Circus Skills increases self esteem &self awareness
Circus Skills are fun, for children AND adults!
Activities such as Circus skills have been used with great success as an educational tool, as an aid to learning as well as therapeutically with children at risk and with children with special needs. Autistic children have been observed to respond particularly well to Circus skills in schools. Circus skills are an opportunity for children and adults to discover and develop skills such as Concentration, Information retention, Concept visualisation, hand eye co-ordination and self awareness. These skills can then be used in many other settings including social situations and in conventional educational settings whilst learning the core subjects.