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Team Building & Away Days

Team Building Days and Staff Days with a difference!

Learn new skills | Work as a team | Be Creative | Forge new staff relations through Play | Cooperate | Let your hair down | Improve Communication | Have Fun!

Interactive, Engaging, Challenging and Fun Circus Skills Days & Big Top Days for all kinds of Staff Team Building Events, all over the UK. Get in touch and let us visit you.

A typical team building day will start with a Show/Demonstration in the Big Top, to introduce us and help break the ice. That's followed by Circus Skills Workshops throughout the day, leading up to your teams performing their Show at the end of the day (with a little help from us). If you've got something else in mind, let us know and we can tailor the day to your needs (and budget). Skills can include not only Circus Skills, but Performance skills, Physical Theatre, Percussion, Balloon Modelling etc etc.

Challenging & Fun!

Fun and Creativity can bring so many benefits to the workplace, and is often in short supply! Import some now with Circus Sensible. No one should be left out. That includes us adults!

Good for Work

Recent Scientific research has shown the value of Circus and other physical skills, especially in an working environment. It has been recognised that the core skills which are utilised and developed when we learn and practice a challenging and creative activity such as Circus skills, can then be carried over into many other areas of our lives, including our working lives.
It’s also a LOT of Fun!
Circus Skills encourage creative thinking
Circus Skills reinforce positive learning
Circus Skills enhance kinaesthetic skills
Circus Skills instil enthusiasm in working as a team
Circus Skills boost self confidence
Circus Skills aid social & personal development
Circus Skills aid the formation of grey matter in the brain
Circus Skills are a great way of staying in shape
Learning Circus Skills develops language skills
Circus Skills increases self esteem & self awareness
Circus Skills are fun!
"Complex tasks such as juggling produce significant changes to the structure of the brain, according to scientists at Oxford University. In the journal, Nature Neuroscience, the scientists say they saw a 5% increase in white matter - the cabling network of the brain." BBC News

We LOVE what we do!

We run Interactive, Engaging, Educational and Fun Circus Skills Days & Big Top Days for Events of all kinds, all over the UK every day. Get in touch and let us visit you.

Tell us what you want!

Big Top Days are suitable for all kinds of Events and for all ages. We can work out the best way for you to use our services. Circus Skills Workshops can be tailored to your budget, from a half day to a full weeks residency, structured or drop-In, with or without our ‘baby’ Big Tops. Skills can include not only Circus Skills, but Physical Theatre, Percussion, Balloon Modelling etc etc. For Schools and Events and for all ages and abilities.

Previous clients include Apple, Amazon, JD Sports, Sophie Conran, Gayles Honey, Oxford University, CBBC, Hampton Court Palace, Festival Republic, Wales Institute for Sport, McDonalds, Glastonbury Festival, Cambridge Folk Festival, Manchester City FC, Manchester Airport, Durham University, Aberdeen University, UCLAN, Mister Bloom, BBC Good Food Festival, Barclays Bank, Lancaster University, London Met University plus HUNDREDS of Primary and Secondary Schools, Festivals, Girl Guide and Scout events, PTA & Charity Fundraisers and Parties all over the UK.

Circus Days with Circus Sensible's 'baby' Big Tops mean you get one of our highly visual Circus Tents to transform your event, as well as Circus shows in the Big Top, Circus skills workshops outside the tent and, if there's time and space, walkabout entertainment such as stiltwalking and balloon modelling. All our staff can perform and teach a wide range of Circus skills and we work WITH the audience as opposed to AT them. The entertainment is very much interactive, with the emphasis on 'having a go'. For more details of Circus Days, Circus Days in schools and Circus skills workshops, or if you have any other circus related questions, please cantact us by phone or email.