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Circus Skills & Big Top days in Barnsley

Circus Days in Barnsley

Circus Days

Circus days for Schools & Events. Circus Skills Workshop Days & Big Top Days for Festivals, Fairs, Schools, Fundraisers, Corporate events, Parties etc. Suitable for all ages & Events. We travel all over the UK.

Big Top Days

Days with our Beautiful Big Tops include two person Comedy Circus Shows in the Big Top for up to 300 children & adults, plus structured or drop in Circus Skills Workshops all day. Our Big Tops need level, well drained grass with no underground pipes or cables and with access for our van right up to the site. We need 2-3 hours to set up and an hour to take down.

Circus Skills Days

Circus Skills Workshop Days include a Show/Demonstration, plus Circus Skills Workshops in groups or as a drop in activity. Skills vary but can include Juggling with balls, scarves and clubs, Plate spinning, Poi, Devilstick, Chinese Diabolo, beginners Stilts, Feather balancing, Cigar boxes, Chinese ribbons etc. Unicycle and Tightrope can be included on request.

Circus in Schools

Circus Skills workshops in Schools are suitable for Nursery, Primary, Secondary Schools and Colleges, and can be integrated into many areas of the School curriculum. All our staff are very experienced, have a wide range of Circus and performance skills and have CRB certificates. We have full Public Liability Insurance and can supply Risk Assessments on request. Circus Sensible also run many other workshops, such as Percussion workshops, African Dance workshops and Magic workshops. For details of all our workshops please explore our website or send us a message.

Brain Training

"Complex tasks such as juggling produce significant changes to the structure of the brain, according to scientists at Oxford University. In the journal, Nature Neuroscience, the scientists say they saw a 5% increase in white matter - the cabling network of the brain." In brief, learning a new skill such as Juggling can hard wire our brains to work better and faster! Circus skills help develop and improve concentration skills. This is particularly evident in those children with shorter attention spans. When we run Circus skills workshops in schools the teachers are often amazed that one or more children who usually have a problem concentrating are doing better than anyone else in the class! Learning Circus skills also offers great benefits in terms of physical co-ordination and physical fitness. Circus workshops fit very well into the school curriculum under PE and co-ordination development. In fact there are many areas where Circus workshops offer great opportunities for curriculum enrichment.

Recent Venues near Barnsley

Beeston Hill School, Leeds - Big Top Days
Doncaster Road Primary, Barnsley - Circus Skills Workshops
Manygates Park, Wakefield - Circus Entertainment
Meadstead Primary Academy, Royston - Circus Skills
Park Spring Primary School, Leeds - Big Top Days
Carlton Primary School, Wakefield, Yorks - Circus Workshops
Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Sheffield - Walkabout Entertainment
HBH Academy, Sheffield - Circus Skills Workshops
Valley Park Primary School, Sheffield - Circus Workshops
East Dene Primary School, Rotherham - Circus Workshops
Gledhow Primary School, Leeds - Big Top Day
Hunslet Carr Primary School, Hunslet, Leeds - Circus Skills Workshops
The Grammar School at Leeds - Circus Skills Workshops
Swinnow Primary School, Leeds, Yorkshire - Circus Skills
Shadwell Lane Synagogue, Leeds - Circus Workshops
Ashlands Primary School, Ilkley - Big Top Days
Curly Hill Scout Campsite, Ilkley, Yorkshire - Circus Skills
Temple Moor High School , Leeds - Circus Workshops
Cookridge Holy Trinity Primary, Leeds - Big Top Days
Middleton St Mary’s School, Leeds, Yorkshire - Circus Workshops
Stanningley Primary School, Leeds - Circus Skills Workshops
St Johns Shopping Centre, Leeds - Circus Entertainment
Ninelands Primary School, Garforth - Circus Workshops
Parkwood Academy, Sheffield - Three days of Circus Workshops
Broom Valley Community School, Rotherham - A Circus Day with our Big Top
The Holgate Academy, Hucknall - Circus Skills Workshops
The Megacentre, Sheffield - Circus Skills Workshops
Blackburn Primary School, Rotherham - Circus Workshops
Wesley Wood Scout Camp - Circus Workshops
Brinsworth Manor Junior School, Sheffield - Big Top Days
Meadow View Primary School, Rotherham - Big Top Day
Brownhill Primary Academy, Leeds - Big Top Days
Plus many other venues and events in and around Barnsley.
Circus Skills encourage creative thinking
Circus Skills reinforce positive learning
Circus Skills enhance kinaesthetic skills
Circus Skills instil enthusiasm in the learning process
Circus Skills boost self confidence
Circus Skills aid social & personal development
Circus skills promote cross curricular education
Circus Skills aid the formation of grey matter in the brain
Circus Skills are a fun gateway into physical education
Learning Circus Skills develops language skills
Circus Skills increases self esteem &self awareness
Circus Skills are fun, for children AND adults!
Activities such as Circus skills have been used with great success as an educational tool, as an aid to learning as well as therapeutically with children at risk and with children with special needs. Autistic children have been observed to respond particularly well to Circus skills in schools. Circus skills are an opportunity for children and adults to discover and develop skills such as Concentration, Information retention, Concept visualisation, hand eye co-ordination and self awareness. These skills can then be used in many other settings including social situations and in conventional educational settings whilst learning the core subjects.