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Scarf Juggling

For 8 years upwards
Scarf Juggling is easy! If you have three juggling scarves already that's great, but if not, don't worry. Just have three old flimsy supermarket carrier bags handy, some scissors and a responsible adult.

3 Ball Juggling

8-15 year olds
What better time to learn to juggle three balls. It takes determination but you can be juggling within a few hours at most. We will guide you through the steps and give you tips and exercises to make it easier.

Hula Hoop

8 years upwards
Our expert hoopists will get you going with your hoop or if you already up and running we can teach you tricks all the way up to advanced. Entertaining and great for keeping fit.

Make your own!

Juggling balls etc.
A class just about making props such as juggling balls, juggling scarves etc etc. Useful materials include balloons, carrier bags, rice, socks, anything!
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- Monday 25th May 11am 3 ball Juggling for 8-15 year olds

- Monday 25th May 2pm 3 ball Juggling for 15 yrs upwards

- Wednesday 27th May 11am Make your own Circus props *FREE*

- Wednesday 27th May 2pm Advanced Juggling for adults

- Friday 29th May 11.30pm 3 Scarf Juggling for 8-15 year olds

- Friday 29th May 2.30pm Making paper aeroplanes for all ages.

- Saturday 30th May 11.30am 3 ball Juggling for all ages!
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All classes last for 40 minutes and are available at the introductory rate of £10 per person, unless otherwise stated. Alternatively the whole family can join in for just £15 per class, or group bookings from £80/class

Coming soon...

Paper Planes

Learn to fly!
All you need for this one is a plentiful supply of A4 sized paper. Good quality is best. Learn how to make a range of planes from basic to more advanced.

Story Telling

Learn to tell tales
Learn to spin a tale or two.

Balloon Modelling

Much more than balloon dogs
Let our expert balloon modellers teach you to make amazing balloon models from a basic dog up to incredible creations in latex!

Skipping Rope

8 years upwards
Our resident skipping expert will help you advance your skipping skills in no time. For everyone from age 8 upwards.
All workshops are conducted over Zoom and as an introductory offer, only cost £10 per person, payable in advance. We accept most major credit cards.